Saturday, February 2, 2008

Beginning of the start ...

I had resisted blogging ... but today I clicked on the 'blog this' button
and it kind of all just flowed from there ...


Courage is to take a step forward into an area of difficulty without a solution in mind, but yet feeling that victory is ahead.

Relfecting with Mr M.

I'm having a small love affair with light reflected off the rainbow side of CD's and some of Katies luscious glass creations.

Motown is very helpful when it comes to cleaning up my desk.
Note the nice juxtaposie with the cat mug.
Goooooood kitty!

Puss Puss

Me and Mr Motown do a lot of deck hanging-outering :o)

TIme is of the essence

Like I was trying to
make it look like it was
out of a magazine,
shallow and kind of square.

What was I doing again?

oooh look CD's do magical things with sun light.
Inspired by the latest jpg magazine theme
SEVEN (really just wants to be 8!).

Dissolve your thoughts

The more you dissolve your thoughts,
the easier it will become.

"Standing in the shower thinking
About what makes a man"

Jane's Addiction


Evil eye in black and white

Fooling again ... yes me ...
Been in the garden all day ...
made loads of new gardens.
I love planting things.
It's becoming as much an
obession as photography,
And watch me photograph
them all when they've
begun to flourish!
Isn't that a wonderful word?

My best Edward Scissor Hands impression.

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