Friday, May 20, 2011

Sky Domination

Sky Domination, originally uploaded by imajane.
As I entered the clearing my eyes were drawn upwards to the old trunk and dead branches.
The late afternoon light cast interesting shadows on the sun bleached wood. And I had a thought ... how much times have changed since you were but a tiny seed.

Tis time to find the key!

Keep It Locked, originally uploaded by imajane.

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Hot all right!

Hot all right!, originally uploaded by imajane.
An outdoor bath ...
How decadent!
The sky went bright with stars as we topped up the hot when the top got chilly.
Love these old skool taps!
Now we want an outdoor bath ...
and who wouldn't want to enjoy being
weightless and warm
under clear night sky with stars blazing
with the odd one shooting!

Reminders ...