Friday, July 6, 2018

The teacher

I watched this fun video from Tony & Chelsea Northrup recently. The 5 WORST Types of Photographers

Then yesterday at the bus stop I had an incident that reminded me of it so had to go back and figure out which 'worst type' this guy was! Reckon the closest is 'teacher'.

As I lifted my DSLR from my pack to take a photo of a church across the street this dude who was also waiting at the bus stop wandered over saying “Oh what have you got it on? Spot metering? I never take photos into the sun”. (Sounds limiting I thought as I stood in shade!).
He went on “Have you seen the photos the Huawei P26 takes? They’re almost as good as a DSLR … look look” pulls phone from pocket fumbles a bit then points phone camera directly at the sun, takes 4 photos & turns the screen to show me. “Look, look how good they are”.
Luckily his ride arrived as he was clicking so he had to go before I could respond, saved by the bell or car horn in this case! It was a lesson in saying nothing.