Friday, October 30, 2009

'T:H:E H:E:R:E A:N:D N:O:W'

'T:H:E H:E:R:E A:N:D N:O:W', originally uploaded by insane jane.

At long last I started a photo class. Our homework is to make a portrait with character. Mmm so I cast my mind back to my favourite portrait shots and this one pops up ... taken in the City Palace in Udaipur, India 2 years ago.

A timely reminder of how much easier life is when it is lived in the present, with love.

and what I wrote back then ...

Beauty is what you see ... or at least what you have opened your mind to.

A small journey has taken me quarter of the way around the planet. I've been on a magical journey. To a land of extremes with a culture that lives in the here and now.

Living for the moment for that is what you have.

Not tied up in worrying about tomorrow or regretting the past. Knowing that what karma you put out into the world will come back to you one way or another.

People wave at you when you wave at them.
Smiles are all around.
Love and peace are natural.

Om Shanti

Pastel sunrise clouds

Pastel sunrise clouds, originally uploaded by insane jane.

Delicious pinks and purples for a gentle morning