Friday, November 14, 2008

Swizzles in pink float around the morning air

Swizzles in pink, originally uploaded by insane jane.

I seem to be on a bit of a role this wonderful Saturday evening ...
finding snippets of my past and remembering again
the magic that exists
out in the universe, you just gotta
let life's wonderful experiences
wash over you like a tropical sea
I'll dream of pinacolada's & warm water pools
they would go perfectly with a pink swizzle!

False senses of

False senses, originally uploaded by insane jane.

well I was looking through a file of collected goodies and found this wonderful Helen Keller quote
and here's me,
I can see and I can hear
I should be so grateful
I should

Jared Learner; the Ice Cream Cone man

Scott the Ice Cream Cone man, originally uploaded by insane jane.

JL just came to visit
we always have a good giggle
life is for giggling
sometimes we forget this
fundamental fact
mental being the operative word
Of course!



Say no more!

Question everything

Having it

Having it, originally uploaded by insane jane.
I took this photo for a Frank ...
then I came across this quote
I thought the quote needed a
photo with spirit
I like to have reminders of
these kinds of things
Beauty is inside not outside
I know this
but I still love dressing up
and taking photos

Rock star wanna-be

Positive chalk

Positive Chalk
Breathe deeply
Think positively
Believe in yourself

seen on paving in Christchurch central

Why grown ups shouldn't play on kids playgrounds

DOH!! Yeah I bounced on the mini flying fox & bashed myself ... Ricardo laughed!
I showed him the bruise two days later
he laughed some more!

Reminded me of this slightly worse one ...

"Why not to do handstands in the kitchen!"
Why not to do handstands in the kitchen
... "" O U C H "" ...