Friday, March 15, 2013

I'm booked in for a photoshoot (YAY!) with the lovely & talented Mandi Lyn and so have been collecting images that catch my eye and creating a pinterest page (as per her preparation instructions) in an attempt to illustrate the kind of photo I'd like created.  

I found this site urban-fashion-photography and rather love the photos there. And rather like this one too glamour.  It's actually much more difficult than I expected (I should know better being a slave to the lens myself!).  

I'd like the true Jane to come out ... but who is she? ... what is she really into these days? ... at the tender age of 42 ... oh me oh my doesn't the time fly!

So, best I make some notes ...
I love simple things
A natural look
Bokeh in the background
Light and dark
Fun and fantasy
Real and serene
Surreal and stark

How to fit it all into 6 photographs?
I am sure we will find out soon!