Friday, March 14, 2008


Oooaaammm, originally uploaded by insane jane.
Hey hey don't you just love it when you find someone who loves to take photos. John kindly took instructions (us Kiwi girls are damn fine at giving them I've heard) and took a bunch of pics of me posing at the William Fergusson Massey memorial.

It actually felt really good to sit there and deep breathe, could have sat there for ages.

My Mum made this comment "I like the picture of you at the memorial.The pink trousers,situation and pose are perfect."
Nice one thanks Mum :o)

Craig said "awesome, a skinny white budha !!"
Gotta love you Craig :o)

Dancing in the flowers of delight

I was telling a friend about the cactus my Mum gave me that buds for about 3 months before the bloom opens for about 48 hours. Here is the beautiful flower, so intricate and complex. WOW.

Rusty ass

Rusty ass, originally uploaded by insane jane.
I saw in the paper today some silly arse pushed this sculpture over so it's no long there :( Makes me sad people can be so selfish and daft.
Update: he's back, horrah!  Thanks Welly Council.