Friday, December 2, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pako Pehu entices company

Pako Pehu [foreground] our local Tui has been visiting the fern frond outside my bedroom window for a few weeks now. His song is so beautiful, varied and skillful. I filmed him recently then played the recording back to him, he sat straight up when he heard the distinctive sound, it's likely he'd never heard himself before.

In any case today, today he enticed the desired kind of companion. Ruawhai is sleek and slim, she dances around him a little then stops to listen. Then after a few more short songs he flies off after her. Looping around the fern together, then off they soar down over the garden into the valley below. I feel rather privileged to have enjoyed their company so up close and wild.

Pako: to make a sudden noise
Pehu: to make a loud noise, explode

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Hear him here:  Pako Pehu wooing on Vimeo