Friday, April 22, 2016

Storm brewing
Storm brewing; the urban view

These clouds were like a little slice of magic. 
It was a wonderful day of watching them. 
They rolled through menacing
as if they would break
into a thunderstorm any moment.

Masking the sun then giving her back
for a few minutes at a time.
We basked in the semi tropics
enjoying the tepid temptation.
Jumping into the warm salty pool
when the clouds finally broke.

Fat droplets made pretty sploshes
when they hit the rippling surface.
Fun times were had in that Ponsonby pool.
While the clouds pretended to crackle
but only twice broke into thunder.

Not praying mantis

Not praying mantis

This tiny praying mantis was hanging out on the table outside at our friend’s house. To ensure his longevity I decided to move him to a safer place in the trees. When I put my hand out he happily walked on and of course photos had to be taken (which weren't entirely easy with only one hand available!). 

I was blown away with his amazing movements which were also rather entertaining. He started on a walk up my arm, stopping for a quick prayer then some crazy head twisting. I’m pretty sure it turned 180° for cleaning (I think) or maybe he just enjoy contorting his body! In one photo he is barely recognisable as a praying mantis. 

When I went to put him on a tree he wasn't terribly happy to go. After I had encouraged him to get on the plant he stretched out towards me almost like he didn’t want me to go. So I put my hand out again and what do you know he leapt back onto me. I had a new friend! And I found out that praying mantis can jump.

Eventually I had to socialise with humans so found another tree and encouraged him to alight again then wished him a fond farewell.  Feeling uplifted by the experience.