Friday, October 25, 2019

Writer traveller and bro

Kia ora dear readers ... my bro just updated his site and I reckon it looks great. He gets back from an amazing 6 week trip away tomorrow. I can't wait to hear some stories!

In the mean time check him out HERE ... Sean Monaghan

Happy Labour Weekend to all you hard workers out there. xx

Blast from the past ... Pako Pehu is back again!!

Pako Pehu wooing from imajane on Vimeo.

Same same on YouTube

And below a wee portrait of our beautiful Pako Pehu, it was always such a blessing to have him in our presence.

This beautiful tui visited us for nearly three years. He would sit on the ponga frond outside the ranch slider window and warble and tweet away his beautiful song often fluffing himself up which made him appear rather plump! He had a female flitting around him on several occassions. Sometimes she would sit near him. She was so sleek and slim. One time they flew away together in perfect sync down through the trees into the valley. So in tune it appeared to me. Makes me so happy to have nature so close.

Tui have two voice boxes which allows them to create these amazing songs that seem to include chords because they kinda do. Does 2 notes count as a chord?