Friday, November 9, 2018

AMAZING entertaining, enlightening and inspirational play

Link to Committed
Written and performed by Clarissa Chandrahasen.

WOW Clarissa blew my mind with her one woman play about her experiences of being bi-polar. She did a fabulous job of giving us some insight as to what it is like to be as high as a kite loving life and thinking that everything is perfectly shaped just for you to succeed to the low of not being able to move off the couch for 3 months and thinking of dying every single conscious second.

Hat's off to the amazing Clarissa for being so warm and encompassing as well as a brilliant comic - her timing is spot on. I had belly laughs in entirely unexpected places. Really clever use of simple but well thought out props helped heighten the experience. The lighting and sound team also did an amazing job with perfect continuity.

Bravo Clarissa and team, I really hope you are able to share this story far and wide and to help break down some of the barriers and prejudices around mental illness.