Friday, September 25, 2009

Sailing away

Sailing away, originally uploaded by insane jane.
You and me baby LETS! ...

Another Jack Black creation brings interest and conversations

I just love that my Mum asked my brother to make a sculpture for the wall at home. Through plants and sculpture my family make wonderful worlds of visual delights ...

pink ladies

pink ladies, originally uploaded by insane jane.
Oh now there is a lovely memory ... Glastonbury rocked!
When this lovely pink lady saw me dressed in matching colours she asked me if I would like a ride!
But of course, with gratitude and delight I enjoyed a short showfur! :o)
When I look at this now, I think we could have been old friends hanging out for a long time.
Just sharing the pink goodness we were.
Bring on more Glastonbury love.

Plug me in baby!

Plug me in baby!, originally uploaded by insane jane.
I'm in need of a RECHARGE!