Thursday, October 8, 2009

Om Shanti my friend

Marcus Van Veen you were an amazing man
gone now to a peaceful place
I wish you well and send you love
with a healthy dose of magical fairy dust
You will always remind me that the small things you do
can make a big difference to those around you
Resonating like the butterfly effect
Those ripples that turn to tsunami's
I thought you were like a big old tree
destined to stand the test of time
But you left us as
a philosopher would

Now you will always be in our memories
reminding us to be strong and free
To share love and goodness, treating everyone we meet
with dignity, humility and respect
You big softie you will be sorely missed
and fondly remembered.
Peace be with you
Om Shanti my friend

That beautiful purple gave me a big smile.

Spread the purple love, originally uploaded by insane jane.
Reminder to self to find a good eight word story for this one ...