Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Karoro story

On the last day of work in 2014 I noticed a Karoro (Blackback gull) sitting on a nest on the building across the road.  What a treat, I might get to watch chicks growing up right in front of me, a perfect mental health break!  
Below are photos taken over a 3 month period up until the little ones fledge.  It was pretty awesome to watch them attempt to fly and then finally master it.  I only see them occasionally now.

17th December 2014

7th January 2015

7th January 2015

7th January 2015

13th January 2015

21st January 2015

27th January 2015

29th January 2015

10th February 2015

10th February 2015 

Learning to fly 
10th February 2015

Flying lessons 
12th February 2015

 17th Feb 2015

12th March 2015