Friday, June 27, 2008

imajane dollies up old art photos

my intention to pull down my old site inspired some foolin with photos of art I created in another time

इंसाने designs

The old mad cow web page

just for future reference

मौंतें ग्रौन्डिंग

Magic Mountain

Been fooling a little more with layers and feathering.
It is somehow similar to mokume gane
in that you cut back the layers
to reveal the ones underneath.


Have you ever sat in silence and imagined ...
a world where everything is beautiful and perfect ...
where humans and nature live together
in a spirit of harmony and balance ...
A world full of
health and

Together we can make a better world ...
when we change the world changes.
Brahma Kumari’s

When we change the world will change on flickr

This photo was taken in Gyan Sarovar, the academy for a better world (Mt Abu, India). I love how the pigeon in the tiny window sits opposite the painted one bringing a little life to this image ...
and what a great message!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Scorpio & the cycle of life

Scorpio & the cycle of life, originally uploaded by insane jane.

An old layered image ... ripe for more layers I'm thinkin!